You are looking to refit your bathroom and dropping the rarely used bath for a spacious modern shower but are considering selling in the next few years... Will this hurt your property value or chances of selling?


20th December 2019
Fancy moving this Christmas? Fear not, we are here to help make your moving dreams come true...
Did you know that when you rent out all or part of your home a Capital Gains Tax (CGT) charge may apply when you sell the property? Currently, HMRC exclude the last 18 months of your ownership – even if the property is let for this time – when assessing any CGT liability. However, in a draft of the Finance Bill released earlier this year, HMRC have confirmed that this 18-month period will be reduced to 9 months from April 2020. Disabled property owners, or those in a care home, will continue to be exempt for 36 months.
If you're thinking about buying a new home, you'll need to budget for more than just the deposit. It's a stressful time, saving! You work hard to put away savings each month and feel like celebrating when you have saved enough for that all important deposit. But don't get carried away too early, as there are other costs that you need to take into account! When you're working out your 'buying a house' budget, you also need to take account of the cost of buying, your mortgage fees and moving costs - on top of your deposit. It all adds up and can easily plunge you into debt if an unexpected bill hasn't been taken into account.
Earlier this year, the EDP ask me my thoughts on owning a leasehold property. There was some bad press around the sale of leasehold house in the north of England which tied the purchasers to unfair leases and made their homes almost unsalable. With this in mind, what are the pitfalls to look out for and what should you consider before purchasing a leasehold property?
This week the EDP invited us to give an opinion on whether changing décor can really help properties sell (In 150 words!)? Anything you do might not be the new owner's taste after all. If you had £500 to spend to make your property "market ready", how should you spend it? Click to see more...
In July the Government confirmed its plans to change the way that Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is calculated for properties that are part or fully let.

Escape to the Country?

26th July 2019
This week, the EDP asked me I was a country boy at heart or city dweller (In 150 words!)? This is a deeply personal preference and highlights exactly why location is most people's number one criteria when looking for a new home. To see if I prefer a pair of muddy wellies or some leather soled slip ons, click here...
Buying and selling a home can be a stressful process, so it's important you are aware of the pitfalls that can cause a sale (or rental) to fall though. If you address these early in the process your chances of the deal going through is much greater. According to the NAEA (National Association of Estate Agents) Propertymark, these are the factors that most commonly cause issues..
This week, the EDP asked if we could shed some light on the mysterious world of a mortgage lender's valuer (In 150 words). Unlike a building survey or homebuyers report, unless something goes wrong, most buyers will have zero contact with their mortgage companies appointed valuer, you usually won't even get a copy of the report. So how do they come to their opinion of the value? Will they tell you if the place is falling down? Why do they sometimes not visit at all? Click here for a glimpse behind the wizards curtain...