March & April found to be the best time to sell!


Selling a house can be stressful. Will you get what it's worth? Will it sell quickly or will it be sitting on the market for a long time?

Not many people know that the time of year can have an effect on your house sale. In fact, March and April are found to be the optimum time to put your house on the market, with homes taking 58 days on average to sell*.

The prime time to sell is when there are the most active buyers in the market and the Spring months see one of the highest rates of active buyers*. More buyers means more chance of finding someone who likes your house!

This year, the national lock-downs have impacted the market. The fundamental desire for space and comfort has seen people opting for a home with extra space and stunning gardens outside to enjoy all year round.

So what are the pros of selling in Spring?

  • Tax refunds come in the late Winter or early Spring, making more funds available for repairs and renovations
  • Warmer weather and longer days means more time available to go out searching for homes
  • Your home's curb appeal will automatically improve as trees, flowers and grass blooms
  • You can thrive ahead of the Summer competition by beating the rush
  • Buyers will be looking to purchase a house in time for their children to finish the school year
  • The best time of year to move is approaching and buyers will be looking for a home with that in mind


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